'Possum Park' is located just three hundred and sixty kilometres west of Brisbane and twenty kilometres north of Miles.

It's an ideal halfway stopover to the Carnarvon Gorge or Rockhampton and North Queensland, and it's on the preferred route to the 'Hall of Fame' and the Matilda Highway.


Approximate Distances to Possum Park
Brisbane to 'Possum Park'365
Sydney to 'Possum Park'1159
Melbourne to 'Possum Park'1583
Cairns to 'Possum Park'1377
Longreach to 'Possum Park' (Via Emerald)1106
Longreach to 'Possum Park' (Via Roma/Blackall)868
Goondiwindi to 'Possum Park'245
Roma to 'Possum Park'163
Rockhampton to 'Possum Park'449
Biloela to 'Possum Park'304
Toowoomba to 'Possum Park'237